Monday, August 30, 2010

Breaking and Entering

Well as I have learned in the past, it would not be my life without a little drama every now and then. Last night Nate and I had come back to my condo from a lovely dinner at my parents house, just wanting to relax and enjoy the last bit of the evening before he headed to Indy in the morning for his interview (Yay Nate good luck!)

However, when we got home, while trying to open the front door, the key just would not work. It would go in, but wouldn't even turn. It was weird, considering it hadn't been giving me any problems that day or the day before. Nate's key didn't work either, so we were baffled. My roomate was out to dinner but guessing since my key and Nate's key didn't work- neither would hers. I started to panic as I started to hear my cat crying inside and wanting out/us let in. I thought about not being able to get to work in the morning seeing as my computer and everything else important was inside. Nate managed to calm me down somewhat and started calling some locksmiths. None answered. Then I remembered I had left my (TWO STORY) window open and thought we could get in that way. Well the window was way higher than I though it would be but Nate began scheming how he could climb up there anyways. I told him I didn't need a broken legged fiance....

Soooo as a last resort I called my parents house reluctantly because I knew they were in bed and wanted to prove I could handle being locked out like a big girl. My dad proposed bringing over a ladder for us to get in to the upstairs window. So he comes to my condo at 10pm last night in his pajamas with a huge 12 foot ladder hanging out of the back of their SUV. It was quite comical. We looked like a bunch of criminals breaking into my apartment but we managed to get through the window and viola we were in.

Nate, being the amazing guy he is, got up at 6:45 this morning to go to Lowes to buy me a new lock, came over to my apartment to install it all before I had to get to work. So we have a functioning lock with working keys....for now...

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